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Q.  Why Tune a Stock Vehicles?

A.  There are a Ton of Benefits To Tuning a Car or Truck If Done Properly.  GM is a good Example of This as Their Target Air Fuel Ratio Can Be Extremely Rich in The Wide Open Throttle Region.  A Custom Tune Can Truly Pull Out Any Performance Potential Left on The Table From The Factory.  Also, You Can Disable AFM/DOD to Prevent Engine Damage and Help Improve Fuel Economy. Transmission Tuning Can Also Increase Performance Feel Of The Whole Car With Better Torque Converter Lockup/Unlock Scheduling.

Q.  Why Do You Need a Tune After Engine Modifications?

A.  The PCM is Tuned From The Factory For The Existing Components That Are Within the Engine Such As The Camshaft, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold, and Exhaust.  

A. Even If You Add a Cold Air Intake,  The PCMs Fuel Trims Will be Slightly Off Due to The Change In Location of the MAF Sensor (Mass Airflow Sensor)

Q.  Why Won't My Cammed Vehicle Idle Correctly?

A.  It's All In The Tune.  Larger Camshafts Require Additional Airflow and Fueling, Also The Timing Needs to Be Altered to Help Deliver a Smooth Idle.  

Q.  What Is The Difference Between a Handheld Tuner and LSXEDIT Custom Tuning?

A.  The Handheld Tuners are a General Tuning Platform that Sort of Kind of Makes a Difference.  They are Generic Canned Tunes That Are Loaded Into Small Devices that Don't Tailor the Tune to Your Actual Vehicle.  LSXedit With TEO  Uses HPTuners Software To Create a Custom Calibration Unique For Your Specific Vehicle.  Not Every Vehicle is The Same, Every Single Engine Will be Slightly Different than The Next.  






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