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Customer Testimonials

Share Your Story and Leave a Review About How Teo Took Care Of Your Ride!

Alen m

Teo knows what he's doing. I had previously gotten a dyno tune from a different tuner and I felt it wasn't running right. When I took it to Teo he immediately pointed out the problems and not only corrected the other tuners mistakes but also vastly improved the tune. Now the car runs amazing and pulls like a freight train!

2008 c6 z06

Chris O

Thanks for the tune on my HCI C6 z06 bro! She runs better than ever and the Cam chop at idle is insane! You're the man and i will definitely recommend you to others. Very knowledgeable and honest which is a very important thing in this game Thanks again TEO!

c6 z06 HCI

David Navarro

Had the pleasure of getting my car tuned by teo! Super humble and chill dude. At no point in time did I feel like he didn’t know what he was doing , he was patient with my car like it was his own got it calibrated and it’s running like a champ , idle problems were fixed and fires right up. I would definitely recommend him to any of my Friends , he was a lifetime customer here from now on 😤🙏🏻

2003 c5 corvette

Gus Martinez

Truck was feeling sluggish and slow after i got the bigger wheels. It's 100% stock so i wasn't expecting much but Teo got her running right, shifting smooth and way more responsive than ive ever felt it, almost makes me forget it's a full size 3ton truck on 33s when i get on on the throttle...thanks again Teo 🤘🏽

2011 Avalanche

Jon Armstead

Teo has the experience to make your car perform. I use Teo to help me iron out new builds or correct bad tunes from previous tuners. I highly recommend Teo. He can even get you tuned even IF YOU LIVE ACROSS the Country! Teo is the Man!!!

2003 Corvette c5 Z06

Kevin M

Thanks for the custom tune Teo! Really appreciate all the help and time you took to make sure drivability was on point. I definitely recommend!

2007 Corvette Z06


TEO added the magic touch to my 2006 GTO after installing my cam and e85 and boy does my goat move! I’m eating scattys and mustangs for breakfast now. I truly recommend TEO for you next tune he’s knows what doing! One of the best in game no doubt💯

Pontiac GTO


Great customer service and a professional at what he does. He gets straight to it finds the problem and corrects it. You can tell he’s a solid dude and enjoys what he does , looking forward to takingYo trans am for some more adjustments


Ramiro de Lira

Stop messaging other tuner, teo is your guy came from another tuner swap to a tune by teo truck running 100 times better . Best choice best service. Don’t waste your time with other people

2017 Silverado 5.3

Antonio Viramontes

There’s many people that do performance tuning, some seem like they know what they’re doing and some you’d just have to stay away from. In my life I’ve gotten many different gm performance tunes on the trucks I’ve owned in the past and I honestly was never satisfied until I met TEO. When I took my truck to TEO he showed me all the mistakes the previous tuner made. It was at the point where it was best to start from scratch. Everything was just completely wrong. After TEO got my truck re programmed with the fresh tune, I could finally hear my cam chop so smoothly and not only that but he also got my idle perfect keeping it from surging and shutting off. We took it for a test drive and I was impressed. The shifting points were so perfect and smooth! I used to hate driving my truck around because of the previous tunes and after TEO TUNED, I can daily my truck now with so much performance potential! Thanks TEO!

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Chris guzman

He does good work 💯 I recommend him, my trucks running a1 right now

2004 Silverado


He made my 1997 C5 corvette feel like a 2020 c8 corvette, I highly recommend. The Car Shifts super Quick Now!

97 C5 Corvette

Jeremy Heinz

Teo got my truck running right even with a MASSIVE CAM! Before his calibration it liked to dip below idle it recovers perfectly and comes to an idle at a stop! Highly recommend

2004 Silverado Single Cab


GREAT TUNER, did more than what he was suppose too saw that I had a bad MAF and he replaced it, he also saw that I had a misfire and replaced a spark plug wire for me. Definitely recommend his work car is running strong no problems really appreciate the work!

Pontiac g8 gt


You guys seeking for Any performance tuning well look no further Teo is the guy to go to. This guy is passionate for tuning I've been coming with my Goat since i first got it and will continue to come to him for any re-tuning i need in the future, I come to him from Fresno, CA because i know my car is being well taken care of and most importantly Teo leaving it healthy;)

06 GTO

Mario Q

He is a freaking wizard! I had my car for about 2 years and it ran ok, met up with T and he got my car running better then its ever been before. Got more power out of it, did a transmission flash and swifts faster. All in all he is a chill humble dude glad to help out who ever he can. I appreciate his time and efforts

2009 C6 Vet

Patrick a

Teo has done work to my car numerous times. Each time making my car more enjoyable than the last. He really knows his stuff and loved talking to him about my car build. He guided me through the process of modifying your car and how important the tune is. Absolutely amazing results after his tune and prep for my car. Currently have a 2018 corvette with air intake, performance exhaust, long tube headers, and e85. Teo made her run excellent! Thank you again brotha!

2018 Chevy corvette


02 c5

Christian P.

I came because my built motor C5z06 was not running properly on a new exhaust set up, and Teo was very helpful and knowledgeable and made sure I had drivability and performance. Thanks for the help!

2003 Chevy Corvette c5 z06

Dilan Morales

I brought my vehicle to Teo with a stage 2 btr cam , intake & texas speed 1 3/4 headers & it would not run. Teo quickly put a base tune and started right up ! Teo made sure to explain everything i needed to know and went step by step. After his tune , i drove about 60 miles back home with on and off traffic & no issues what so ever. I am very satisfied with my vehicle , and with teos work. thank you ! I will be back for my final revision. Highly Recommend .

2003 Corvette

Jesse garcia

Teo is a real professional and knows what he is talking about and doing. Does great work and I could immediately fell the difference after his tune. Will definitely be coming back once I build my new motor. Teo is the best tuner out here.

2002 pontiac trans am

Keith Wright

Teotune is the man! I loved how he treated my car like it was his own and showed that he really cared on making my car perfect! He was very thorough and his attention to detail is extraordinary. Go see this man if you need a tune, you won't be disappointed! Thanks Teo!

2007 Corvette Z06


Teo was recommended to me, ever since installing my cam it has been such a headache trying to find someone reliable and thrust worthy to work on my truck after my past experiences . He provides very honest work and is very knowledgeable. He goes above and beyond when explaining what he has completed and does not rush anything . I am super excited to have found his services !

14 sierra

Nickie Prado

Teo has been my go-to tuner ever since I heard about him and haven't considered any other tuner ever since. Did a v6 to v8 swap on my truck along with a TSP cam and was feeling super sluggish out the shop until teo got his hands on it and got it running cherry, have been satisfied with how she drives since. He surely knows what he's doing and definitely takes into different circumstances when it comes to the right tune for your vehicle. My truck is far from being fully built but I know i can fall back on my guy for any recommendations or retunes. Hit him up, you wont regret it!

2009 Chevy silverado 1500


Solid dude with your best interests in mind. Straight forward and straight to business came in with a couple issues and he addressed them. Cleared some bugs with the tune the previous owner had on it and gave gen bird a well deserved tune up. “One step at a time” like how he said but she’s way better now after his magic touch.

Trans am (Big Bird)

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